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The Definitive Guide to a Career in Construction Management | M. Tech in Civil Engineering in Talegaon, Pune | Construction Management Course in, Pune

The Definitive Guide to a Career in Construction Management | M. Tech in Civil Engineering in Talegaon, Pune | Construction Management Course in, Pune

Even during an economic recession, qualified construction managers are in demand. Construction managers and professionals are highly employable because any delays in either public or private building projects can cost far more than leaving them unfinished.Since so much goes into the work of a construction manager, an adequate education is a must. Knowledge of building codes, procedures, coordination, leadership, and more, are all essentials for a career in construction management. Due to the high demand of construction managers in the workforce, there are many schools and programs dedicated to their education.

Building a Career in Construction Management
Many construction managers earn their position by obtaining a degree as well as learning a trade to round out their skill sets. Some of the many trades a construction manager can benefit from are listed below.
Architecture – Literally starting at the drawing board, they create the plans and blueprints that a construction manager will be required to implement. Although many architects have licenses, those who work under them are not required to have one. Architects work closely with construction managers throughout a project to make sure that the vision they committed to paper is the same as what will eventually be built. Being able to read architectural blueprints is important for a construction manager. However, the ability to collaborate with architects, designers, and other producers throughout the project, is a much more valuable skill that a construction manager must have.

Foundation – The first crucial step in the construction process, laying a proper foundation is key to creating a structure that can withstand both natural and man-made disasters. This often involves learning about the different types of foundations, soil mechanics, retaining walls, and more.

Masonry – This construction trade involves knowledge of making and laying bricks, concrete, cement, and others. There are also voluntary certifications for those involved in masonry.

Plumbing – Virtually all structures need some type of plumbing, and many necessitate complex systems that need to work well for a long time. As a result, many states require that plumbing work be done with or under the supervision of a licensed plumber. Although not required for a construction manager, a plumbing license can make any job candidate in the area stand out.

Electrical – Much like plumbing, just about every building has electrical needs, with many having vast and complex electrical requirements. A licensed electrician is often needed to supervise projects to ensure that work is done to code and in a safe manner. With each state having its own electrician license requirements, construction managers are also helped by earning one.

HVAC – The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning trade is inseparably linked to that of construction. Almost any structure being built by a contractor will need some kind of HVAC system installed. The opportunity to learn this skill through a construction management degree program may not be offered. Obtaining supplemental education can prove to help construction managers become familiar with this work in the field.

Design – An interior designer may not always be present, however, design decisions are integral in construction work. A construction manager with an eye for an appealing and efficient design will be a desirable employee. Since a large percentage of construction workers and project managers are self-employed, it helps to have mastered both the design and execution phases of a project.

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