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Construction Project Management Processes: Everything You Need to Know | Top Construction Management Colleges in, Pune | Project Management Course in, Pune

Project management the basis on which every construction project is founded. A construction project manager has to obtain a variety of skills and competences in order to navigate through the project and to establish a functional connection with the numerous teams. Construction projects have a continuous need for alterations and in that sense project management is key to the stability of the whole procedure.

Construction Project Management (CPM)
Its defined as the direction, regulation and supervision of a project from early development to completion. The ultimate goal of construction project management is the full satisfaction of client's demands for a viable project both in terms of functionality and budget. There is a wide range of construction project types, such as commercial, residential, industrial and heavy civil.

The main concept of construction is closely connected to technical parameters like budget and execution but it also requires solid communication between all the agents (stakeholders, contractors, community).

Role of a Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising projects from the beginning to the end. In short, a construction project manager has to take care of the following:

  • Put together the budget and negotiate cost estimates
  • Arrange the work timetables
  • Choose the most efficient construction method and strategies
  • Stay in touch with the clients for work or budget related issues
  • Discuss about technical and contract details with workers and other
  • professional parties
  • Keep an eye on the personnel in construction onsite
  • Cooperate with building and construction specialists

Budget in Construction Project Management

Defining the budget is by far one of the most fundamental parameters that should be taken into consideration when you start putting together a construction project. The estimation of the cost can be a quite challenging task but if done correctly it can be one of the keys to success. As a rule there are four basic parameters that a project manager should keep in mind:

1. Analysis of the project: The first action that has to be taken is the clarification of the different objectives and limitations for the upcoming project. Once you do that, you can have a better idea of what you want to achieve and who exactly do you need in order to do it.

2. Estimation of the budget: After having put all the priorities of your project in order, it's time to organize your budget in conjunction with a solid timeline. Now it's also a good time to ask for bids from interested contractors.

3. Monitoring of the cost: As soon as the construction project put in work, it's very essential to start keeping an eye on project costs. The sooner you start doing this the better, since it will allow you to detect any potential misuses of resources before it's too late.

4. Accounting: Having a highly competent accounting department is vital. In collaboration with the project team, they will be responsible for keeping all the financial agreements running according to plan.

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